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Sof Sole socks work to keep your feet comfortable, no matter the activity. We use the latest yarns and technology to make our socks fit well and last longer. With a wide selection of materials and colors, there’s a Sof Sole sock for everyone.

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PLANTAR FASCIA: Inflammation of the plantar fascia, the connective tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot, connecting the heel to the toes. Can be caused by arch issues, ill-fitting shoes, poor arch support, or certain activities such as long-distance running. OVER-PRONATION: A condition in which feet roll too far inward, putting excessive strain on tendons such as the plantar fascia. Generally occurs with low arches, thus affecting the foot's natural biomechanics. OVER-SUPINATION: A condition in which feet roll outward, putting stress on the foot and lower extremities. Generally occurs with high arches, thus affecting the foot's natural biomechanics. MORTON'S NEUROMA: A painful thickening of nerve tissue in the ball of the foot, right around the area where the toes connect to the foot. Generally aggravated by wearing high heels or during activities such as push-off while running. HEEL SPURS: A bone growth that is usually found on the bottom of the heel that causes painful tissue inflammation. Can develop from either impact or friction at the bottom of the heel bone. Condition is often associated with Plantar Fascia, as spurs are generally located near Plantar Fascia tissue.

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